1 on 1 Coaching Sessions (1 hour)

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Are you feeling stuck with your SIBO journey and would like some personal one-on-one time with Rebecca Coomes to help you get you back on track? Rebecca successfully recovered from Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth, so knows exactly what it is like to have to live with this often chronic and painful condition.

Meeting online via Skype or Zoom, Rebecca will spend 1 hour with you talking through your current situation to understand what your health goals are and what’s stopping you from achieving them. Together, you will review Rebecca’s 5 Key Pillars to Health and what areas in your life can be supported to assist you to move towards health and wellness.

These one-on-one coaching sessions are a perfect supplement for anyone participating in the SIBO Coaching Program who would like some additional support, or for someone who would like to have a personal coaching session on their own.

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1 review for 1 on 1 Coaching Sessions (1 hour)

  1. M Mitchell (verified owner)

    Having serendipitously found Rebecca through one of her podcasts- the one on adhesions and SIBO, I booked a 1:1 coaching session with her immediately. Fortunately, I didn’t have to wait too long to get an appointment and having completed the required information sheet, we were off to a great start. Given the complexity of my health issues, which I have had for well over 3 decades- but probably all my life- I am now 63 yrs, it was amazing to find someone who has such an in depth understanding of SIBO and it’s ramifications on the entire body.
    I was treated with great compassion, kindness and humanity, a rarity in our current health care system- having been to so many Doctors, it was a relief to find someone who knew what I was talking about and trying to describe. Rebecca also has amazing insight, great resources and contacts, which have helped to get me on track. There are some great people out there doing great work….you just need to be able to find them (and you won’t necessarily through the conventional current medical model, and sometimes the internet can take you down many rabbit holes, resulting in even more confusion)….but this is where Rebecca really shines. She has connected me with all the right people.
    I only wish I had found her sooner, and therefore, I would have no hesitation in recommending her for at the very least one 1:1 coaching session. It will provide clarity amidst the fog and a give you a clear path to hopefully a happier healthy future.
    Thank you Rebecca.

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